Liyu Chen

I am a third year PhD student at University of Southern California, supervised by Prof Fei Sha. My research interest lies in Reinforcement Learning, Transfer Learning and Visual Navigation.

I did my bachelors at the Hong Kong Universiy of Science and Technology and did my final year thesis with Prof. Dit-Yan Yeung.

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  • [Summer 2019] Summer intern at ByteDance Inc supervised by Chong Wang. Working on item cold start recommendation.

  • [Fall 2017] Research assistant at TEDS Lab, supervised by Prof Fei Sha.

  • [Summer 2015] Summer intern at LSCM R&D Centre, working on baggage recognition in airports.


I'm interested in machine learning, reinforcement learning, and transfer learning. I am interested in designing algorithms that can learn efficiently through interactions with real world.

Synthesized Policies for Transfer and Adaptation across Tasks and Environments
Liyu Chen*, Hexiang Hu*, Boqing Gong, Fei Sha,
NeurIPS, 2018

Consider the problem of learning to simultaneously transfer across both environments (ENV) and tasks (TASK), and learn from only sparse (ENV, TASK) pairs out of all possible combinations.

Hyper-parameter Tuning under a Budget Constraint
Zhiyun Lu, Liyu Chen*, Chao-Kai Chiang, Fei Sha,
IJCAI, 2019

Formulate the problem of hyperparameter tuning under a budget constraint as sequential decision making, and propose a state of the art solution that is capable of long term prediction and planning.

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